Hi, I'm a User Experience / Product Designer who loves improving product experiences by listening to what users have to say, watching what they do and delivering what they need. My strengths include ideation, wireframing, interactive prototyping, product design, research, team building and leadership.

Portfolio Resume


I have a proven track record with user experience and product design, having been part of several successfully acquired startups and large enterprise software organizations.


The following examples outline solutions I've had the opportunity to work on involving ideation, visual design, user interaction and research.

Patterns and Standards

Creating Consistency

Ideation & Prototyping

A New Approach to ETL

Visual Design

A Modern First Impression

User Research

Decisions Grounded by Feedback

Socializing Change

Why We Do The Things We do

My Logo

Inspiration from the "Real World"

Tools of the Trade

I get things started with pencil, paper and white board sessions. Then I translate those ideas and findings into assets by using industry leading tools that allow teams to collaborate, share and execute.


I'm proud to be an Alumni of the University of Central Florida. #ChargeOn

University of Central Florida | BA Advertising / Public Relations


I enjoy being involved in the Central Florida and Atlanta user experience communities, as well as staying fit and active with marathon, road racing, and adventure trail running. If you're able to make it, Downtown Orlando UX (DOUX) is a great place to meet with like minded people that are excited about learning more about improving user experiences.

Let's Talk

I enjoy hearing about the types of projects and opportunities that are emerging as more companies realize how important it is to invest in user experience and product design. Let's talk about what you're working on or planning to build.